Below is an overview of the services and solutions Highflying Funnies provides. At Highflying Funnies, we have been serving the skydiving community in Des Moines since 4/1/2012 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the Skydiving industry.

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Static Line Skydive
The static line jump is performed from 3,500 feet. The parachute automatically opens by the static line attached to the plane. Upon exit, you will freefall for approximately 500-700 feet. After opening, you will be in constant air to ground radio communication with a certified instructor. You will be able to steer and maneuver your own parachute as if in a glider. The instructor may encourage you to try some 360 turns and practice flares while up high. The parachute flight will last 5-7 minutes until touchdown. The instructor will then guide you in for a soft landing in our large landing area.
$150 per jump

It's up to 10,000-14,000 feet with your instructor for a dual parachute jump.

After a 40-70 second freefall at speeds ranging from 120 - 150 mph, your instructor will activate the parachute system and the two of you will steer the canopy down during the 5 to 7 minute parachute flight.

After experiencing your first skydive at Highflying Funnies, you will receive a complimentary first jump certificate and be given information on how you can get into the sport of skydiving.$180 per jump

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